Commission, Request, and Exchange Information

Commission Info

Please pay me. Please.

Requesting A Picture

Send me an e-mail saying what you'd want. The more specific you get in your e-mail, the closer the drawing will match what you had in mind. If you don't want anything specific, you get what my little mind churns out. Sometimes that's a good thing.

At this point in time, I'm going to have to put a restriction on my requests. Unless I am close friends with you (you know who you are!) I will only do THREE free requests per person. You want more than three, pull out the old wallet. I don't charge much.

Why should you pay me to draw something when I admittedly draw by request? It depends on how important the drawing is to you. If you request a drawing from me, I might do it, depending on how difficult it is, and you will only receive the file, and it might take me a while to do (depending on my work schedule at the time). If you pay me to do a drawing, I will DEFINITELY draw it, exactly to your specifications, and I will mail the hard copy to you, while retaining a file copy for this website, unless you specifically request me not to post it. Plus, you can set a deadline for when I have to get it to you. It's that simple. Request a drawing, you might get it. Pay for a drawing, you definitely will.

Pic Exchanges/Character Trades

Fellow artists, if you'd like me to draw for you in exchange for you drawing for me, I'm always up for it! And you can ask other people I've done exchanges with (notice that my Guest Art Gallery is HUGE!), I'm pretty prompt.

Drawing Status

Did you pay me for a commission, request a pic, or are you doing an exchange with me? Click above to see the status of your drawing.