Contest Entries

Best Overall! Best Date! Best Drawing! Best Drawing Runner Up!
Dinner and Dancing

by Lindsay

of Angel Art

Date: Mamoru/Darien from Sailor Moon

Why: "I figured since you're a big Sailor Moon fan, you may enjoy a date with Darien, and the two of you are dancing together in a ballroom."


by David


Date: Brandon Lee as The Crow

Afternoon Ride

by Lynda


Date: Nephrite from SailorMoon

Why: "I know you like SM, and Nephrite is pretty good looking. Also, he was the general of the North American region (in the manga at least) so he seemed like a good choice. The two of you are riding in a carriage in front of the Castillo de San Marcos, an old fort in St. Augustine, FL (the oldest city in the US)."


by Jessie-chan

Date: Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury

Best Overall Runner Up!
SIMulated Romance

by Mara

of watashi no mokushiroku

Date: Kendrick Townie from The Sims Hot Date