Horrible, Horrible Mistakes

Just call this the "Hall of Shame".

This is pretty early. I was trying to draw an anime style girl without looking at anything. Yeah, I didn't do too well.
Whew! I don't think I was looking at the entire picture! I think I drew this bit by bit. Eternal Sailor Chibimoon looks like she was mangled in car wreck!
Technically, there's nothing really wrong with this picture. I think I just ran out of steam.
This was going to be a group shot of Sailor Chibimoon and her senshi, but I got as far as Sailor Juno, didn't like the way it was coming out, and gave up.
OY, did THIS ever suck! I drew this twice! This is the picture that sucked LESS! This is supposed to be Alison, the Game Goddess, Skye, and Vanessa as game goddesses. I will try to draw this again someday. When I've recovered from how horrible this is.
I was trying to draw a dress I had designed in my notebook, and just put a random girl in it. Her eyes are so...vacant...
I tried copying Kero-chan. Poor thing.
I'm still too chicken to draw Terry Bogard, so I used that Hero Machine thing (which is tons of fun!) to put a girl who looked like me into clothes that looked like his, and I tried copying it off of the screen. I didn't really like the way it came out.
This is a rather funny mistake. I was trying to make the image of me link back to the index for the first time...and I literally linked it to "index.htm"...and...well...ended up with infinity...