Hall of Fame

Site Awards

I got this for Best Site Content from the Animaster!
I got this for my Original Anime from Animaster!

Art Awards

I won "Best Yaten" in kinmokurevolutn's icon contest with the icon you see in the corner of the award.
Another second place! And the competition in this contest was STIFF. The theme was to draw the senshi in their princess gowns for neo nobility.
I didn't place in the contest, but I won this special award for the most detailed necklace. Arrigato, Des!
I won second place!!! My best showing ever! This was in a contest by nextright. The theme was to draw two characters as best friends, so I drew a teenaged Chibiusa and Hotaru showing off a rebellious streak. Special thanks for inspiration for the hair goes to my beloved Hime-chan, of course.
This picture made it to the semi-finals of the contest held by nextright. The theme was, draw a senshi with a daughter from the future. Perhaps in the future, genetic engineering is possible, and thus this child is a perfect mix of Haruka and Michiru.
This picture won third prize in the contest at . All right, so there were only 6 entries. But I got a really cool poster!

Other Awards