Online Name: Kishoka Hime or Kiki or Hime-chan *depends on who you're talking to...
Real Name: Elisse
Favorite anime art? Anything by CLAMP, they have a beautiful style that is rarely ruined when in anime form.
Favorite manga art? The art of Yoshitaka Amano, the maker of Vampire Hunter D, and character designer for the Final Fantasy series. He who does not use an eraser. I'm not worthy!!!
What got you started drawing anime/manga fanart? In 1999, I had just gotten into Sailor Moon, and some other anime on cartoon network. I was fascinated by the style and began looking up info and pictures online. I wanted to keep these pictures, so I started printing them out, but our printer kinda then I would take a black marker and go over them. All. After about the hundredth one, I decided to try it on my own. It wasn't very good, but I got a lot of good feedback, and it kept me going. ^^
What's your favorite thing to draw? The heroic girl character, has to be my fav.
Anything you'd like to say? I came, I saw, I narmed.
Website: Child of the Crystal World