Links to You

My new counter.
Beautiful Dreamers* has some of my fanart, too! (Can you tell I submit a lot of Chibiusa fanart?)
Vaseer's page has her own beautiful fanart and guest fanart as well!
Usagi's Diary is a really unique take on a Usagi shrine with tons of things to do!
Your One Stop Saturn Shop is the place to go for all your Saturn needs!
I drew a gift for the owner of the Anime Artshack! Go check it out!
This fabulous brother and sister team have created some really amazing art!
Art of Anime is yet another cool artsite I have found through my various online travels.
An artists paradise! Go check it out!
I've done some requests for this webmaster, and he's got a few other pieces of my artwork as well.
One of the most comprehensive Sailor Moon sites out there, Bunny's Tour through the Silver Millennium offers everything you could ever want to know, see, and do, that is Sailor Moon related.
THE Chun Li shrine. I'm not kidding.
Visit my friend JenyBean's site! It's really awesome!
Lovely Rivalry is a fanlisting dedicated to the sometimes turbulant friendship of Minako and Rei.
The cosplay site of my friends, Seiya and Yaten. Two hot chicks cosplaying. You know you want it.
My friend Melissa's jewelry making site. Her work is really excellent!
Bird watching is an enjoyable hobby for many of us.
where ART meets application! Open to all artists.
Domestic removals and office removal services in Reading. International house and office moving services in Reading.
Shop online for a wide selection of baby clothes toys and pushchairs at low internet prices and fast home delivery service.

Engi no Shouzoku is a group of my friends who cosplay together, they've done some amazing costumes!
go to
3D Models, 3D Content, and 3D Software is a free gallery service for Comic Art Collectors and Artists.
Patti and Steph's etsy for jewelry.
Patti and Steph's etsy for cosplay.