Notebook Scribblings

In here are the little doodles I do in my notebook when I'm bored. These are by no means all of them, these are the ones I liked enough to keep.

Possibly the most important notebook drawing of all, this is exactly what I want the Game Goddess to look like, but have never been able to reproduce--not even when I traced it!
I just like this one of my character, Lady Lily Palewyng. The quote is supposed to be from Shakespeare, but my memory might be off.
I think this is the only time I ever resorted to tracing. I just didn't think I'd ever be able to draw the very difficult Asteroid Senshi, and I really wanted to see what they'd look like in pretty dresses, such as those in one of Naoko's pictures of the 10 girls sleeping.
This is a portrait of this guy at school, Bobby, I did while I was bored. It came out really well!
To this day, I still sketch my characters from the KC if I'm feeling down or just bored. I don't know why I put Crissy in glasses, though.
This is a test design for this character, Damien, for an upcoming animated short Alex and I thought of doing.
I saw this weird figure on a blackboard that reminded me of a dress, so I drew it so I wouldn't forget. This dress ended up on a random anime girl that you can see in my Horrible, Horrible Mistakes section.
I draw eyes a lot while I'm listening to teachers. They're easy to do and you can always use the practice. I was trying CLAMP style here.
Another random eye, done in Naoko Takeuchi's style when she's doing characters like Hotaru.
Just another random eye.
Just me seeing what I'd look like if I let my bangs grow out.
Another member of the KC, Jon, finds his way to my Irish History notebook.
I don't know if anything specific made me want to draw Mako-chan. Maybe my hair was curly that day.
I really can't draw lips in profile at all, so I started sketching this girl in my French class, Mary Ann. It didn't turn out too well, though, and I quickly gave up.
Just playing with the kinds of white dresses Naoko Takeuchi always draws.
Poor Pam has had so many hairstyles over the years, but I think this is the one she had towards the end.
I think this was inspired by the layout artwork Bunny had on Bunny's Tour Through The Silver Millenium. Mine came out crappy, though.
Taking another stab at Princess's original dress design before giving up on it completely.
Princess Mars surveys her terrain from the margins of my notebook.
A crooked Princess Venus.
I copied this off of g o d d e s s before Crosswinds shut it down. I didn't finish it because my computer teacher got suspsicious.
Just some random anime girl, who I admit looks a lot like a mix between Hotaru and Ami.
Sakura, copied from a computer screen during computer class. Yeah, we didn't learn anything there.
My hair was all messy and pulled back in a bun, and I felt a little self concious about it, so I drew it. It made sense at the time.
DAMN this would be a lovely picture if Lily didn't look stoned! The hair and the dress blowing in the wind came out exactly how I wanted them too--it's just her eyes that ruin this picture!
I drew VesVes's back. I'm not really sure why.
I think I drew this after I drew VesVes's back, randomly. It just seemed to go.
A whole page o'crap. There are a lot of things on trying to draw my hand...a new fuku design...what Neo Queen Serenity would look like goth...I was really bored!
I knew computer class was going to be trouble when I started doodling the first day. This is supposed to be a high school Chibiusa in computer class.
I was trying to make really amazing eyes, so I decided to draw Hino Rei, but it came out so ugly, I decided to make it me instead.
This was drawn right about the time Serena and Venus Williams were competing of those big tennis things. I thought this was a good pun.


Here starts my spring semester of 02. It's not a good thing to give Crissy a bunch of colored pens for Christmas. :) This is just another Naoko-style eye.
Me--or Sailor Mars--relaxing under a coconut tree. You know it's bad when you're daydreaming about summer vacation a few days into school.
Un bocal de tetard. :) Drawn in French class.
Trying a CLAMP-style eye.
Practicing making a metallic shine on a cresent moon.
I tried to draw a very realistic eye, then colored it violet to be Rei-chan's.
The five inner senshi, done entirely in colored pen. Fun fun fun!
To my brain, purple pen = must draw Saturn's fuku.
Thesis lectures make me really nervous. I drew a dress design for a contest, a trendy chick, mountains, Usagi's legs, and just a few other random doodles.
I was thinking of Mercury's legs in the manga when she finds out she's a sailor senshi.
Sun designs for the dress design for the contest I am going ot enter.
The thumbnail here doesn't look too bad, does it? But click on it for proof of evolution...
An anime style eye compared to a realistic eye.
I was thinking of Aluminum Siren's hair when I did this.
A profile of a very pale Chibiusa.
Profile of my original character Kain--I find males AND profiles hard to draw, so I welcomed the practice.
Just a pretty little rose cottage.
On the last day of our creative writing class, she let us have cookies and soda--and napkins!
I drew a set of vampire teeth for my friend Dan, and myself as the "Cosmic Fool" for me.
Intro to Poli Sci was a class that made me very, very angry, so often I had to distract myself by drawing. Here is me trying out a new style on a kitty girl, designing clothes for a new layout, and just generally doodling.
I actually draw out quite a few ideas for layouts, and other site stuff, before I attempt them. This was my attempt at a design for my 404 page, and various other things that popped into my mind during class.

A rather good sketch of my friend Tim.


Sailor Mars with her favorite expression. I believe I copied this from the pen that Annie gave me as a Christmas present.
I like pretty dresses. Faces are time consuming. Translation: I have no idea what I was thinking when I drew this.
The top is another faceless girl done entirely in metallic colored pencils. The bottom--which I'm quite proud of--is grownup Chibiusa entirely in pen.
I was feeling dejected because I think my teacher said I was a failure or something, so I drew me experiencing anime zombie loss of feeling type stuff.
For a few days at work, I had SUCH a good pen to write with, that I was inspired to draw. It came out pretty well! But then my pen was stolen. ::sniff::
I hadn't (haven't) drawn in a long, long time, so I decided to try this at work. I really want to draw Queen Serenity (from the old Silver Millenium) as a Sailor Senshi, but as you can see, it needs some work.
I had a dream that I was wearing adult-sized overalls, and that they were really, really cute! So I sketched them out so I could see if I liked them. Anyone know where I could get a pair like this?
Back to drawing at work! I had never really read Sailor V, so I found some translations on a manga scan site. I had V-chan on my mind for a few days, and did this to keep myself entertained while on a boring conference call.
I had Magic Knight Rayearth wallpaper on my desktop at work the entire time we were watching the series. One day my computer took so long to load I had time to copy Umi off of the screen!
Somebody left a pink pen at my desk. I had to.
I think Minako is on my mind a little more often than I care to admit--what can I say, I'm a Rei cosplayer. I know why I drew her in plaid, though--ever since my friend Hal requested a picture of her in plaid, it just seems to go so well.
Yet another day where my computer took forever to load. This time I had a Sailor Moon desktop, so I drew Ami-chan.