Why Crimson Sky Creations?  Red is a power color for me, as a Scorpio and a fan of Sailor Mars.  Creation should be obvious.  And why Sky?  Because my home is in the stars...



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Crimson Sky Creations

Welcome to Crimson Sky Creations. My name is Crissy, though I have various aliases throughout the different worlds I traverse. I draw fanart and original art mainly for fun and I would for profit if I could. Please, feel free to look around, use the links to navigate the site. Please maximize all pages for best view.

Last update: September 23: Two new pics on the last Guest Art page.

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My index page with an explanation of my image policy, my notes, and my contact information.
My Sailor Moon fanart.
Fanart from other anime, video games, and other sources.
My original art.
Dresses I designed.
Art given to me drawn by friends and well-wishers.
I take requests!
Links to other pages.

By the way...

The layout pictures (like the one above) and the backgrounds were made entirely by me by scratch. In the cases of the layout pics, I sketched them in pencil, scanned them, and then colored them on the computer. The backgrounds were made entirely on the computer.

Why do I mention this?

Well, admittedly, partly pride. This was the first time I made a website without having other people hold my hand and help me every step along the way. But that's not the only reason.

The other is to bring up my image policy. If you want one of my pictures, for heaven's sake, ask! I'll most likely say yes, and probably link you as well. However, I'd rather you not use the backgrounds and layout pics I've made; frankly, I can't see why you'd want to, the backgrounds aren't all that good, and the layout pics are of me.

Throughout all of my pages there will be notes underneath the thumbnails that might seem cryptic at first. Let me explain.

The first thing listed is the medium used to draw the image.

If the next line says "copied pose", it means the image exists of another character in that pose, that I went off of. While I will not take the time to list all of my sources, I can credit *almost* all of them exactly. For that, e-mail me for details.

If it says "copied", it means that I copied those characters exactly (even if the coloring varies.)

If you are one of my friends, you know (and sympathize with) the explanation of, "one of my 'ten winter break drawings'". Basically, while other people make New Year's Resolutions, I resolved at the very end of the fall semester that I would spend my winter break in doing ten new drawings. Sadly, I fell just two short of that magic number, but I did finish ten before the end of January, at least. Hey, it's my college's fault, for not giving me off longer. If I went to UMass or Queens College, I'd have made it.

The last possible line, "For a contest" does not apply to every drawing I've entered in a contest, but only ones that were drawn specifically for a themed contest. I, again, will not take the time to post links to every single contest, but if you really want one, you can e-mail me by clicking above.