Credits and Special Thanks

"I'd like to thank the Academy, and my fellow nominees..."

Let's see, where to start? There are so many people who have helped me that I finally decided to take a page just to thank them all.

Let's see. Well, this website is kind of a three parter, anime, web design, and art. So I'll try to remember all the people to thank in all of those areas.

Big thanks go to my mommy, Kathy, and my stepdad, Fred, for supporting my anime addiction by buying me plush cats that were originally in crane machines in Japan but somehow cost $120 on Ebay. But, most importantly, they paid for the space on Certihost (before I left), and the domain registration on doster. They helped make this site what it is now.

Major thanks also go to Nick, who provided me with free space for a while for both CSC and Avatars after Certihost dicked me over. He really saved this site back then and if I took a hundred years to do it, I couldn't thank him enough.

I'd like to thank Pete for getting me started on anime in the first place with Vampire Hunter D and Fatal Fury. I'd like to thank Trish for introducing me to the beauty that is Sailor Moon, and letting me see all 200 episodes, subbed and everything.

I'd like to thank Alex for all of his HTML help, and hosting my site free for a year. I would like to thank my grandparents for getting me on the internet first, way back when I was 13. I'd like to thank Skye for showing me how to use Dreamweaver, way back when I was making Sailor Moon Avatars. I'm not an easy person to teach AT ALL, but she was very patient with me. I'd like to thank Jonathon for encouraging me back when I was a very young webmistress and made a whole bunch of silly mistakes. I'd like to thank Paul for explaining so much to me, especially when I was making my Christmas layout, particularly because he had to do it over the Internet, and working with a 4 hour time difference and whatnot. I'd like to thank Simon for sitting down at my computer on the very first day I met him and getting my Christmas layout ready to go in a half an hour. I'd like to thank Vlad for all his tireless help, explaining bandwidth and the like, and leading me to and helping me set my brand new domain. :) I'd like to thank Joe for testing both of my websites--a daunting task, both of them have grown immensely. And thanks to Syd for the javascript code of the 2002 layout. And a new thanks goes out to Tony K, for always being willing to take a look at my code whenever I'm kvetching in LiveJournal or on Facebook about whatever Dreamweaver has done THIS time, and always being willing to help me fix it.

I'd like to thank my dad for not making fun of anime and for treating it like a serious genre, and always looking at--and criticising--my artwork. I'd like to thank all of the people who have put my art up on their websites, and all the artists who have given me artworks for mine. I'd like to thank all the artists on Anime Fanartists Online--that mailing list has grown far beyond my expectations. I'd like to thank all of the site's patrons, too--hopefully, a few of you are repeat visitors. ^.^

Lastly, I'd really, really like to thank Hime-chan. She has been there for me in every aspect; I've told her stuff I haven't told the friends I have in school. She's forever sending me stuff, whether it be art she's done herself, or ones that she's found, cool websites, neat music videos, and manga as birthday gifts. ^.^ She's given me artistic critique and helped me figure out stuff for my layouts. She put up a lot of my fanart back when I was just starting out. She's become my sister-siteowner and one of my closest friends. Princess, I'm so happy I met you.