December 6 - Sorry I missed a month, everybody! My grandfather needed a critical (and time-sensitive) surgery, so I went to stay with him for a month to help him get back on his feet. On the plus side, I finished a new drawing while I was there, which is in Sailor Moon - Venus, and I have a new Odd Photo of the Month for December. I also updated the "Sites Hosted" page a little; that may need an overhaul in 2015.

October 5 - Productive month! One new drawing in Guest Art - Me, one new drawing in Requests - Others' Original Characters, and one new drawing in Sailor Moon - Venus. And, of course, a new Odd Photo of the Month.

September 6 - Hey, new art for once! One new drawing in Requests - Others' Original Art, and two new drawings in Guest Art - My Original Characters. I also had to delete my guestbook, and the one for Elisse Hamu Heydt's Bunnyman, because Dreambook apparently shut down back in March without saying anything. The counters on the index page and Bunnyman should be working now, too. And there's a new Odd Photo of the Month.

August 1 - Three cons down and only one to go, and that one's not for a while, so maybe they'll be a new art eventually, huh? In the meantime, two new Odd Photos of the Month (to cover July and August).

June 8 - Not much, because I've been in "con prep" mode, but a new Odd Photo of the Month. Also, on June 6th, Crimson Sky Creations turned fourteen years old. Can you imagine??

May 3 - A new drawing in Original Art - Miscellaneous, and two new Odd Photos of the Month (to cover April and May).

March 22 - I finally finished my drawing of Princess Hikaru, and added it to Other Series - Miscellaneous. I added gift art from Usa to Guest Art - Anime Fanart, and gift art from Mike to Guest Art - Me. I also added new Odd Photos of the Month for both February and March, and made a small code tweak to the Guest Art page.

January 4, 2015 - Happy Birthday, Nikki! As you can see, there is a new layout for Crimson Sky Creations that looks suspiciously like my old layout, but at least there's some new art for it. There's a new 404 page, a new Odd Photo of the Month, six new images were added to Random Extras, and the old layout has been moved to Past Layouts, the old images moved to Past Layout Images, and older updates to Old Updates.

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