Online Name: BCWine
Real Name: Brandi**
Favorite anime art? Oh my, I don't know. I think they are all wonderful...all different. It's hard to choose.
Favorite manga art? I personally adore how Sailor Moon is drawn...
What got you started drawing anime/manga fanart? Ronin Warriors started me on the Anime kick, then Sailor Moon got me to start drawing it...from there it just boomed.
What's your favorite thing to draw? I favor the female sex, and love to draw Furry Characters...but over all, my preferred drawing subjects are my RPGs characters or Senshi (mostly otaku).
Anything you'd like to say?

*blink blink* Hello? *taps the mic* Is this thing on? *clears throat* Ok, my name is Brandi. When its my Art, I am known as BCWine...and to most my online friends (whom are my co-RPers) know me as Paige or P-chan. My identy through a single most loved character of mine (whom basically represents me as a person) Paige Vendo. An Otaku Senshi for an RPG I host that has been running since 1998. Oh, did I mention I am a Sailor Moon addict...along with PowerPuff Girls and Zebra stripes!! *giggles

* My Furry Persona' would be my furry character Shim Neka. She is half cat half zebra...and she is so cute! *clears throat again* Ok, thats enough chatter from me...