Online Name: Pookie/Dandelionbrown/Mollie/Lynden Bellmont/The Pookie Mollie depending on where you're at and how I feel that day.
Real Name: Molica Lynden (<--- no, that's my middle name, not my last name)
Favorite anime art? Hmmm...tough one...I really like a lot of animes... my ex-boyfriend and my best friend both were really into watching anime so I got to see a lot of it...but, I guess the ones that stick with me are Ah! Megami-sama, Akira, Rurouni Kenshin, PokéMon, the first two Tenchi Muyo! series (NOT! Tenchi in Tokyo! BLAH!), and Gundam Wing.
Favorite manga art? I haven't got to see as much manga as anime but I love Ah! Megami-sama because it is so much like the anime and SO sweet! I would also LOVE to draw like Ms. Takeuchi... Sailor Moon is so awesome! I also like Battle Angel Alita and Call Me Princess.
What got you started drawing anime/manga fanart? I want to be original and say that it was something besides Sailor Moon... but it wasn't... well, not entirely. My friend and I saw Sailor Moon for the first time when it came out on Cartoon Network and we envisioned our own fan scouts called the Sailor Stars before we knew who the Sailor Stars were... -_-'. Then I got burned out on SM and got into PokéMon games. Then I hated anime series all together and drew my own stuff until my best friend got me into Gundam Wing and I draw EVERYTHING now!
What's your favorite thing to draw? Oh, I LOVE to draw hot guys. They are my absolute favourite things to draw right now, but I really suck at them. I draw chicks way better, and I would love to be able to draw mecha, but I suck even worse at that! ^-^
Anything you'd like to say? What? I haven't said enough already? hehe. I'll shut up soon. I just wanna say that I love and collect turtles. I have 22 turtle figurines, plushies, and other items about my room and my car. I'm thinking about collecting penguines, too. ^-^ Second, I LOVE to talk (can't you tell), so you can e-mail me! I NEVER get enough emails (that's why I'm on Yahoo!Groups! ^____^)!
Website: deviantART:molicalynden